Dr. Loretta, as most of her clients call her, has been in practice for 20 years, as a former operating room nurse, specializing in cardio thoracic, open heart, vascular and kidney transplants out at UCSF San Francisco. Dr. Loretta Friedman is also former faculty at NYU school of dentistry for Oral Facial Pain, TMJD.

Dr. Friedman is the creator and developer of the MiracleBack Pillow, a low back pain relief pillow that has sold over 20,000 units to date and is available on line at Miracleback.com

She is published in Glamour Magazine, Mentioned in New York Magazine, has been on affiliate TV stations ABC

Dr. Friedman works very closely with Jean-Georges Vongerichten Management,Team also Consults w Managing Partner of PwC

She is a woman’s health expert, Anti-Aging, Metabolic Detoxification and Lymph-Biologics™ a unique form of lymphatic drainage.

Dr. Friedman came back to New York to open up her practice. Dr. Friedman specializes as a directional non force chiropractor™ and a clinical nutritionist and woman’s health expert.

She is one of two Directional Non Force Chiropractors™ in all of New York State. Patients come from all over to see Dr. Loretta for Relief of Pain, and Muscular Skeletal swelling and inflammation problems and Disc issues.

With more Nutritional degrees and certifications including a Masters than you can count Dr Friedman has been helping woman and men with their nutritional deficiencies for years. Dr. Loretta has developed her own proprietary blends of supplements.

She developed the Aging Analysis out of years of working with clients to help them feel and look as good as they can, with diet, supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes.