Aging Analysis is is a simple yet sophisticated test done right in the office at the time of your appointment in a matter of minutes. Results are gathered immediately and reviewed with the patient with the help of a computer analysis.

The Aging Analysis calculates your tissue and fluid compartments. Using an imperceptible electric current passed through pads placed on the back of hand and foot as lie comfortable clothed on an exam table. In just minutes we have an accurate measurements to help create and effective personalized program to improve your health status.

The Aging Analysis allows us to see if you cells are aging pre-maturely. If your cell membrane is shrinking, this is the first sign of pre-mature aging of your cells. This is reversible. This pre-mature aging of the cell membrane is due to nutritional deficiencies. Your diet is lacking in one or more nutrients that is causing severe effects on you cellular profile.

The same can be said for cell receptors. Receptors hence the name are supposed to be receptive. Sensitive to the bodies own natural production of hormones like Insulin and or nutrients you take in. Weather its food or supplements, these receptors are how these nutrients or hormones get into the cells. So the cells can use them for energy.
If the receptors are resistant this creates a problem because the cells are essentially starving. Nutrients and hormones cant get in.

Excess body fat can block these receptors this is called Insulin Resistance and causes Type 2 Diabetes, but what if you’re not overweight? What if your body composition is where its supposed to be, under 25% body fat? What causes resistance then is STRESS!

Stress cause an entire chemical cascade to occur that compromises your cellular profile…this puts you at risk for not only Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, High Cholesterol, Metabolic Syndrome, Stroke and Cancer.

That right….STRESS.

I test young people all the time at Fortune 100 and 500 Companies…These kids are under 30 and their cell tests all look the same. Most of them are in good shape except for Cell Receptors. They are all elevated and these kids are stressed. They think that diet and exercise alone will change this and improve this profile. It won’t, believe me, I wish it would.

You have the power and the ability to give yourself knowledge and powerful information before its too late. Aging Analysis is one of the Most Important tests you can have. 

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