The One Thing You Can Do To Prevent Most Diseases (That Nobody Wants To Hear)

There is one easy thing you can do right now to prevent most diseases, flush dangerous toxins out of your system, and keep you healthy overall, but I guarantee you’ve heard it a million times and won’t want to hear it again.

Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

It’s water. Drink more water. Plain and simple.

Water is vital for almost every function in the body, and if you’re not drinking enough, your body can’t work as well. When your bodily functions aren’t working properly, that’s when things start to go south. Dehydration causes fatigue, dizziness, and low blood pressure, but it can also lead to eye problems, kidney failure, and other serious diseases.

One of water’s most important functions is flushing harmful toxins out of the body. A buildup of toxins can lead to the issues listed above and even more serious problems like chronic pain, rapid weight gain, and even cancer. By drinking the recommended 64 oz of water a day, this can help your body get rid of those unwanted toxins and transport necessary nutrients to where they’re needed.

“But I Don’t Like The Taste Of Water”

I hate to burst your bubble, but there’s no alternative to drinking water – you need water to live. Coffee, tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, juices, soda, and other sugary drinks cause more problems than just high blood sugar. These drinks have very little water content, and it takes more water to flush these fluids out of your body. So, you may feel refreshed after taking a sip, but dehydrated in the hours after. And if you’re not drinking enough water to begin with, you may feel the effects of dehydration sooner than you expect.

If you are drinking lots of water, but are still experiencing fatigue, chronic pain, or discomfort, it might be time to look outside the box for answers. Please schedule a free consultation with me so that we discuss your situation. You can call at (212) 243-5515 or email me at [email protected]