About Synergy Health Associates

We understand how difficult it can be when the treatment a general doctor recommends does not seem to be effective.

After other over-the-counter remedies are ineffective, nothing seems to treat the actual condition constantly interrupting one’s life. Fortunately, we offer holistic and alternative treatments that can help patients deal with specific health issues.

For many people, one condition can affect other areas of the body and cause multiple symptoms. Fortunately, we can provide a treatment that helps to remedy multiple issues. We can identify the source of the pain and recommend the most effective treatment.

Our team strives to provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere for treatment. We focus on how to improve lymphatic system. If you are in need of treatment, call us today.

Dr. Loretta Friedman

I am Dr. Loretta T. Friedman, but my patients call me Dr. Loretta. I’ve been in clinical practice for over 25 years, previously as an operating room nurse, specializing in cardiothoracic, open heart, vascular and kidney transplants out at UCSF San Francisco. Additionally, former faculty at NYU School of Dentistry for Oral Facial Pain, TMJD.

In June of 1994, I came back to New York to open up my Chiropractic practice, specializing as a Directional Non-Force Technique® practitioner, clinical nutritionist, and as an expert in woman’s health. I am one of two Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractors in all of New York State, so patients come from all over for relief of pain, muscular-skeletal swelling and inflammation problems, and disc issues. As a woman’s health expert, I harness proprietary protocols for Anti-Aging, Metabolic Detoxification, and Lymph-Biologics™, a unique form of lymphatic drainage.

In 1996 I created and developed The MiracleBack™ pillow, a patented technology product to relieve lower back pain and disc compression. Later I realized that traditional diagnostic methods were not sophisticated or sensitive enough to provide thorough clinical details, so from years of working with a diverse demographic of patients, I recognized that I needed a new and effective diagnostic methodology within my practice.

Eventually, I discovered a technology that could deliver the necessary information for a more thorough patient diagnosis and termed this cell test the Aging Analysis. Now I was finally able to help patients feel and look as good as they can with customized programs with diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

With a diversity of Nutritional degrees, a Masters in nutrition, 2 Diplomas in nutrition, and multiple certifications I have been helping women and men with their nutritional insufficiencies for years. I have also developed my own proprietary blends of supplements.

I utilize multiple modalities to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

These include but are not limited to:

Most importantly I LISTEN to my patients even if what they are trying to communicate to me doesn’t add up with what I know to be clinically sound.

I’m published in Glamour Magazine, mentioned in New York Magazine, and have been on affiliate ABC TV stations. Additionally, I work very closely with Jean-Georges Vongerichten Management Team, and I also consulted with the Managing Partner of PwC.