1 Nov 2021 Alternative Medicine Promotes Overall Health and Wellbeing

When it comes to alternative medicine, there are a variety of options for treatment that are just as effective, or even more so, as Western medicine. We believe that, when possible, it is best to use treatment methods that are natural. This involves options that are non-surgical and do not rely on things like prescription pain medications.

Since our approach is unique, the best way to learn more about what we do is to call our office and schedule an appointment. In the meantime, here is some information to consider.

We believe in the importance of nutrition

Nutrition plays a critical role in someone’s overall health. What a person eats along with the vitamins and supplements that they take can directly impact their health on a daily basis. Their overall well-being and the ability to recover from an infection or disease can also relate to the patient’s health.

The benefit of focusing on nutrition is that health we can improve without the risks and side effects of taking pharmaceuticals. Imagine being able to reduce inflammation and limit the discomfort associated with arthritis. This is possible with the right nutrition.

Gentle spinal manipulation is also an effective treatment

In our office, we use the gentlest form of spinal manipulation that does not involve cracking the back. Still, it is incredibly effective for bringing the spine into alignment and reducing/eliminating the symptoms with spinal problems. Many people are unaware of the multiple health problems that can result from the spine being out of alignment.

For example, it can contribute to problems with digestion and the even the sinuses. Due to that, it is necessary to ensure that the spine remains in alignment at all times and to correct it if it slips out of place due to daily activities, an accident or workplace injury.

Using innovative treatment techniques

As a provider of alternative medicine, we are not constrained by the standard methods of treatment. This means that as new technology becomes available and research provides information on potential treatment solutions, we have the ability to implement them. Imagine if a business refused to adopt the technology that is available today.

They would likely be handwriting letters to be mailed to their clients, using an analog telephone and refusing to do basic things like put up a website or send emails. In that scenario, it would be unlikely that their business would be very successful in today’s modern world. Unfortunately, many doctors have taken a similar approach.

By refusing to adapt to recent and current information or utilize new technologies, they continue to treat patients the same way that they have for decades before. We are different. As a provider of alternative medicine, we use whatever treatment we feel will be helpful for our patients. That means paying attention to new research and methods that have been shown to achieve results.

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