News Alert: More Muscle Mass Linked To Higher Survival Rate in Breast Cancer Patients

A new study has discovered a link between muscle mass and cancer survival rate in female patients. More muscle mass is linked to higher survival rate in female cancer patients, but there is some debate as to why this is… My … Continued

Learn About a Natural Herniated Disc Treatment

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Functional Medicine Could Hold the Answers to Your Healing

Functional medicine is something that few people are aware of as a possibility. Visiting a traditional family doctor is the usual course of action that people take when feeling unwell. While there certainly are occasions to do so, the truth … Continued

Go to A Chiropractor for Neck Pain Treatment

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A Chiropractor Can Help with Many Conditions

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What Can You Do When Pain Treatment Isn’t Helping You?

Conventional pain treatment has been a dismal failure. Pharmaceutical approaches have resulted in addiction and overdose deaths (opioids), increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, potentially fatal gastrointestinal bleeding (NSAIDs) and neurological damage (gabapentin, Lyrica). These risks are present all while … Continued

Get Rid of Those Annoying Dark Circles and Look Younger With This Unexpected Trick

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Alternative Medicine Promotes Overall Health and Wellbeing

When it comes to alternative medicine, there are a variety of options for treatment that are just as effective, or even more so, as Western medicine. We believe that, when possible, it is best to use treatment methods that are … Continued

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The #1 WORST Food That Causes Faster Aging (Beware!)

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