4 Natural Supplements You Should Take To Stop Lower Back Pain

Struggling with lower back pain can be frustrating, unnerving, and most of all painful. In addition to regular exercise and eating properly, there are 4 natural remedies you can take for relief.4 Natural Supplements You Should Take To Stop Lower Back Pain:
  1. DHA Plus. This is an omega-3 fatty acid commonly found in fish. Make sure that the fish has been tested for contaminants, that it’s rich in antioxidants, and that it comes from a good, pharmaceutically-licensed facility. Lower back pain is most commonly caused by inflammation of the soft tissue in the disc, and omega-3 fatty acids are very good anti-inflammatories.
  2. Meriva. This is a type of curcumen which acts as a potent anti-inflammatory – more potent than Advil or Motrin, and safer too. Curcumen does not cause problems with your stomach, kidneys, or liver.
  3. Natural Relax. This is natural muscle relaxant that is a combination of calcium, magnesium and passion flowers, which are wonderful relaxing agents. When you’re dealing with lower back pain, often you are dealing with muscle spasm and you want to relax the muscles naturally. A natural muscle relaxant will help you sleep better at night, be more comfortable, but it will not push you to feel so relaxed that you’re not aware that you could be injuring yourself further.
  4. Sleep Aid. Sleep is very important because sleep is when repair occurs in the body. But, when you’re in pain and restless all night, your body doesn’t have time to heal well. Sleep Aid is a GABA, theanine, and melatonin based product. GABA helps relax your brain; theanine is an amino acid that acts as a natural anti-anxiety aid; and melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in humans which allows the body to enter a deeper, more restful sleep.
In addition to these 4 natural remedies you want to add to your daily routine, there are also 3 foods you should avoid when you’re suffering from lower back pain: sugar, alcohol, and dairy. Each of these things decrease the pH levels in the body, making it more acidic, which thereby increases inflammation, which will make the pain worse.

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