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5 Reasons Eating Healthy Is Good for Your Overall Health | Nutritional Consulting in New York

5 Reasons Eating Healthy Is Good for Your Overall Health | Nutritional Consulting in New York

5 Reasons Eating Healthy Is Good for Your Overall Health | Nutritional Consulting in New York

In recent times, nutritional concerns have been on an ever-increasing rise. Many illnesses and conditions are directly associated with the type of diet we have. When our food intake has little to no nutritional value, it will be easier to develop multiple health problems. Making a habit of seeking nutritional consulting every so often can significantly improve your quality of life. This blog will cover five major benefits that eating well can bring you and find a clinic specializing in weight management in New York.

Reasons to Eat Healthily

While there are numerous reasons to adopt a healthy diet in your life, the following are the most common and essential ones for your overall health:

Faster Healing Process

Eating healthy has proven to highly decrease the recovery time from mild to severe injuries. The introduction of healthy food into the body gives the cells a much-needed tissue and muscle repair boost. When the body has the best possible nutrients to work with, it's more likely to recover from injuries. Similarly, other systems in our bodies that help drain toxins, like the lymphatic system, depend on a high intake of nutrients to work as they should.

Improved Heart Health

A balanced diet combined with increased physical activity effectively reduces the chances of a heart attack or heart failure by around 80%. High-fiber foods are essential to keep our heart healthy, as fiber helps improve blood cholesterol – a major cause of heart disease.

Weight Loss

Staying within a healthy and moderate weight that is recommended for your age, height, and general physical characteristics can help reduce the risk of chronic health problems. There isn't one single way to lose weight safely, as it depends on each person's situation. As a general guide:

  • Try to keep your diet free from processed foods.
  • Eat more natural fruits and vegetables.
  • Monitor your food intake.
  • Add exercise to your daily routine.

Improved Memory

Maintaining a healthful diet helps to keep the brain healthy and working. Rich-in-nutrient foods protect against dementia and cognitive decline as we age. Consuming vitamin D, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, and polyphenols have been found to be beneficial for the brain.

Better Temper

Research shows a potential relationship between our diet and our mood. Some foods contain a high glycemic load, like carbohydrates, that can trigger symptoms of depression and fatigue. While they can be related to our diet, if you experience signs of depression, it's advised that you seek professional help for an accurate diagnosis.

Tips for Improved Nutritional Health

Institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend the following tips to better your diet and improve your health:

  • Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit – having them in your diet significantly decreases your chance of developing obesity, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.
  • Eating less saturated and trans fats – you shouldn't consume over 30% of your overall energy intake in fats.
  • Keep salt intake to a minimum – reducing your salt intake can prevent you from developing hypertension and heart disease.
  • Breastfeed babies – breast milk is natural and rich in nutrients for babies, and it can have long-term health benefits for them later in life.

NY Nutrition Specialist | Synergy Health Associates

Your kind of lifestyle and what you eat directly influence your overall health. Keeping your diet in check can bring you many health benefits that aren't limited to losing weight. If you're interested in getting nutritional consulting in New York, reach out to us at Synergy Health Associates. Dr. Loretta T. Friedman will help you find the best way to manage your diet in a friendly and comfortable environment. Schedule an appointment online or call (212)-243-5515 today!