8 Things You Should Be Doing To Keep Your Breasts Healthy, Every Day

8 Things You Should Be Doing To Keep Your Breasts Healthy, Every Day

How often do you think about your breasts? I mean really think about them. Not just how they look, if they look good in a bra or clothes or if they are too small or droopy.Women’s breasts are made of lymphoid tissue, a network of vessels, nodes, glands and ducts. This system is designed to deliver our immune response. The nodes act as filters for harmful substances. The lymphatic vessels carry a clear watery fluid that can fight infection by targeting the germs that get picked up in the lymph fluid.However, toxins can block the inherent nature of the lymphatic system by attaching themselves to the lymph fluid causing stagnation. This stagnation can cause autoimmune diseases and cancers. These blockages do not allow the body’s lymph system to recognize foreign bacteria, viruses, heavy metals or chemicals. If the lymph cannot see these toxins, it cannot fight them.There are several things you can do to help yourself and help your breasts. Keep reading to learn more.

Are Your Breasts Storing Dangerous Toxicity?

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8 Things You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

1. Move Daily

Exercise regularly to prevent stagnation in the body, as this can impede our lymph from doing its job and removing unwanted toxins from the body. Sweating toxins out of your body is important to keep your lymphatic system clean. According to the National Cancer Institute, physical exercise can lower cancer risk anywhere from 20 to 80 percent. Exercises release hormones from the Substania Nigra and Gelintinosis like endorphins and enkephlins that may protect against breast cancer. And, it helps us maintain a healthy weight, which further helps to reduce risk.

2. Drink Plenty of Clean Water

Clean water fuels our cells and delivers important vitamins, minerals and chemical messengers throughout the body, which helps get our bowels moving as well. It’s an important way to remove toxins.Many water sources like tap contain chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and traces of medications that are detrimental to good health. Many sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices contain more sugar than fruit. Drinking beverages high in sugar, artificial coloring and preservatives just adds more unnecessary stress on an already overwhelmed lymphatic system. Some sugary sports drinks use mercury as part of their processing. These sports drinks are extremely unhealthy for children.Water is always the best option to keep the Lymph System flowing and to stay hydrated. Use water filters in your home, in your kitchen, and even in your shower to minimize risk.

3. Do a Regular Breast Massage

I don’t mean just monthly exams, I mean gently brushing or stroking downward from your armpit down the sides of your body then going towards your nipples. This helps increase blood flow and brings fresh blood to the area which carries nutrients to breast tissue.Research out of UC-Berkeley also reveals that that the mechanical action of squeezing can help prevent the growth of cancer cells in the breasts.

4. Sweat It Out

Sweat out the toxins, whether through exercise or infrared sauna. Avoid using antiperspirant deodorants.Jumping rope and trampoline jumping are specifically recommended to help the Lymphatic System because it boosts blood flow and overall immunity. Studies show that sweating can help the body detoxify.

5. Choose Organic

Try to avoid processed foods with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This mostly includes a lot of prepared, packaged, and fast foods. Stay as close as you can to fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains in their whole natural form. The enzymes, fatty acids, and other nutrients serve as powerful lymph cleansers.The chemicals used in conventionally grown foods can increase our toxic load. Wherever possible choose cleaner, organic food and produce.

6. Wear Clothes That Fit Properly

Those tight little tops and bottoms may look cute but tight clothing restricts your Lymphatic System and can cause blockage. This is the same reason why it’s best to avoid underwire bras. It is best to not wear a bra for at least 12 hours each day.

7. Be Careful of Chemical Exposure

It’s important to reduce your chemical exposure in your home and workplace, including cleaning products, clothing detergents and makeup.Research suggests that women’s use of personal care products with hormonal disrupters and known carcinogens within them, like parabens and phthalates, are related to an increased risk of breast cancer.Remember you should not put anything on your face you would not eat. Choose chemical free versions of the home products you use daily.

8. Breathe

Life can move fast and be stressful, sometimes we forget to stop and take a deep breath. Deep breathing serves as a pump for the Lymphatic System and keeps lymph fluid flowing at an ideal pace to remove harmful toxins while blood carries oxygen to the body.Yoga, meditation, or simply stopping to take a few deep breathes throughout the day can all help your Lymphatic System.Studies show that meditation helps suppress the genes that promote inflammation, which can be a precursor to many health problems, including cancer.If you are worried about your Lymphatic System or your breasts, give me a call or send me an email. And do not forget to share this article with any other women you know.


If you are worried about your Lymphatic System or the toxicity level in your breasts, please contact my office to schedule a consultation via email or phone.Click here to schedule your consultation.

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