Back Pain During Pregnancy: What Every Woman Needs To Know

Back pain during pregnancy is very common, and can be caused by the same reasons anyone suffers from lower back pain — discs, muscle spasm, degenerative joint disease, sciatic-like issues, toxicity, inflammation in the body, stress, posture changes, and weight gain can all contribute to lower back pain. And these issues can be exacerbated during pregnancy due to the increase in certain hormones, such as relaxin.During the first trimester, the body releases relaxin, allowing the body to stretch to accommodate the physical changes occurring in the uterus. However, this same hormone creates abnormal motion in other parts of the body which causes inflammation and pain. Relaxin can remain the the body for up to one year, postpartum. Ligaments, tendons, discs, and muscles are all at risk of injury during this time.To relieve this pain, a woman needs proper sleep, exercise, and treatment during pregnancy and postpartum. For exercises, make sure that you don’t do anything to aggravate your current condition. Basically, don’t do anything that hurts. Exercising in a pool work very well. Since you’re only 10% of your body weight when you’re in the water, stretching becomes much easier.For treatment, you can relieve the pain in a few ways. Use contrast therapy of hot and cold to reduce inflammation. Improve posture and stand up straight. And if the back pain becomes worse or if it’s stress-related, you should seek help. Directional Non-Force chiropractic care is also a great option for pregnant women. This chiropractic technique is much different than what you usually encounter when you visit a chiropractor. It’s a gentle approach that doesn’t involve any popping, cracking, or twisting. Relief is felt instantly after your initial visit.In summary, back pain during pregnancy can be caused by the usual reasons someone may experience back pain – however certain hormones released during pregnancy can amplify the pain. To relieve this pain, a pregnant woman needs proper sleep, and exercise. For pain relief treatment, there are a few options: use hot and cold compresses to reduce inflammation, practice proper posture, or seek professional help, like a Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractor, will help.

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