Cancer Survivors Aren’t Eating as Well as They Should

A new study finds cancer survivors are indulging in too much junk food and not getting enough fiber and essential nutrients, habits that contribute to chronic illness and overall poor health.But if you read the study the Medical Doctors and Oncologists treating these cancer survivors never stressed the importance of healthy diet and creating lifestyle changes is what contributes to helping keep relapses of cancer occurring.In this day and age how could you possible dismiss the importance of eating a healthy whole food diet, which includes bright colored fruits and vegetables. Learn about the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen. The most contaminated foods out there and the clean ones we can consume with less harm. So who is really at fault here? The traditional Medical community needs to realize they need to except their limitations and refer ill patients to the Nutritional expert that can really impact these cancer survivors lives.If you want to learn about healthy eating, what foods need to be avoided and how to test yourself for toxicity level to prevent serious illness, please get in touch with us here by scheduling a 15 minute phone consult or fill out the form. Please share this with someone you’re concerned about and or loved ones.Dr Loretta FriedmanSource: Healthline

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