Get Rid of Those Annoying Dark Circles and Look Younger With This Unexpected Trick

If you suffer from dark under eye circles you’re not alone.Embarrassing dark under eye circles are something that almost all Americans suffer from at some point, many of which suffer with dark under-eye circles on a daily basis.Dark circles are the #1 teller of age. They’re the one sign of eye aging that can be seen from far away, and can be one of the hardest to cover up. When you have dark circles you look older than you really are, and look like you may have had a bad night of sleep.In fact puffy, saggy under-eye bags don’t just make you look years older — they actually distort the appearance of your face. You may have even noticed in the mirror how much older you yourself look when you have dark under eye circles.And dark circles don’t just form because of lack of sleep, it could be because of your genes and hormones. That’s why dark circles can be so hard to reduce.Many people have tried various methods to get rid of dark circles, but no matter how long they keep those cucumber slices on their eyes… or how many layers of makeup they apply… those bags will still be there.For many people, it seems like the only effective option is expensive surgery, which only the rich and famous can afford. Fortunately, one doctor believes everyone should be able to look their best and feel confident, not just the rich and famous.Dr Loretta T. Friedman believes that metabolic detoxification, cleansing the liver, lymphatic system, kidneys and digestive tract can get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes. Proteolytic enzymes cause twisting of collagen strands in the face, which can cause wrinkles and lines. These toxins can be removed and so can the rapid aging effect it has on your face.

Get Rid of Those Dark Circles For Good

Set up an appointment for an aging analysis cell test. This non-invasive test is done right in the office and you will get immediate results. It can help determine your toxicity and we can discuss a plan for what steps to take next. Please contact my office to schedule a consultation via email or phone.Click here to schedule your consultation.
Adapted from works done by Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist Author of the Best Seller: The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

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