On “The Heart of Healing” Radio Show With Tom Fuld

Click the Play button to listen to the podcast!Our guest today, Dr. Loretta Friedman, has two very interesting and less known techniques to help people, Directional Non-Force Chiropractic and Lymph-Biologics. She explains, “ As a NDF chiropractor, I do not do any rack-em stack-em and crack-em type of chiropractic….What I do is extremely gentle and very effective at relieving pain and suffering in a minimal amount of visits”.In her other area, she tells us,” Lymph-Biologics is a three part light wave that penetrates the body very deeply with an electrostatic charge…Electrostatic charge is when you rub your feet on a carpet and it creates a little shock”. This shock helps to move the lymphatic fluid and helps to take the toxins from the lymph fluid. As she explains, “the Lymphatic system is what delivers the immune response”. So, when you have a sprained ankle which swells up or a bad cut it is the lymphatic fluid that,”shows up to repair and heal an injury”. Dr. Loretta was in a major car accident when she was a21 and working as a registered nurse. Her face and in particular, her jaw was seriously injured. After trying many different treatments to heal her pain, “it wasn’t until I found directional non-force chiropractic care …it saved my life”.(Via The Heart of Healing with Tom Fuld on Blog Talk Radio)

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