Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Health Care

This past weekend I attended a Cancer Conference. The focus of the conference was on taking a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosing a treating cancer, like many other diseases we see and deal with today. Traditional medicine doesn’t always have the answer, and often its objections to alternative approaches stem from ignorance or lack of truly understanding the power of vitamins, minerals and homeopathics on the body. Don’t let the limited scope of traditional medicines kill you.Medical doctors continue to tell patients to avoid eating meat or eggs, that they will raise your cholesterol levels. This is not true at all. Eggs and red meats consumed with green leafy vegetables and complex carbohydrates can lower your cholesterol levels. Atkins proved this in the 80s with his high fat protein diets. His patients showed a dramatic reduction in their cholesterol levels, due to the removal of refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Refined carbohydrates like cakes, cookies, breads, pastas, rices, etc. all increase cholesterol. So your medical doctor, instead of referring you to someone who is truly educated in the field, is giving you advice from when he or she attended medical school 30 years prior, where nutrition was not part of the curriculum.Unfortunately, medical doctors have become prescription experts, unable or not qualified to make certain diagnosis. They pass it on to so called “specialists” in the field, who either want to keep you on drugs or cut it out of you. Often, they don’t really know what’s wrong with you but keep you on drugs that aren’t working, just to be “safe”. Safe from what?How about when you have something really wrong like a chest cold and you are bringing up thick, dark colored mucous. You’ve got an infection that anyone can see. You call your medical doctor asking for an antibiotic, something I am not a huge fan of but a necessary evil. Your doctor will not call your prescription into your pharmacy unless you come see him or her, or they suggest using an over the counter product for a few days, hoping for improvement. The medical profession over-prescribed antibiotics for so many decades that they are now afraid to give you something based on legitimate symptoms unless you drag yourself out of bed so their physicians assistant can see you and tell you that you’re sick. It’s ridiculous and it doesn’t work.More and more people are realizing that alternative approaches to health care are where to go. People need to participate in their own health and well-being. They need to incorporate lifestyle changes into daily living. They need to realize that they need to question all of the food that they are eating and the beverages they are drinking. Carbonated high fructose drinks and processed foods are worst things one can put into his or her body.People are willing to make incremental changes to their lifestyles, and it is a good thing. Don’t wait until your sick and desperate to help yourself. Often is too late by then. Make small changes everyday. Start reading labels on food products. For example if a food product is packaged in China and its supposedly organic, remember that China does not have standards for organic products. Maybe you shouldn’t purchase it.If you have questions about what you can do to help clean up your diet, decrease your need for medications, discover what foods support immune function and improve your health, please call the office. We can set up an appointment or phone consultation to discuss your particular concerns or issues.If you know someone that is struggling with tough medical and health decisions and needs some reasoning and factual information to help them choose a course of treatment, for any number of conditions, please pass on my information to them. My experience and expertise could dramatically improve the quality of life of someone you love.
Dr Loretta T Friedman

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