What Can You Do When Pain Treatment Isn’t Helping You?

Conventional pain treatment has been a dismal failure. Pharmaceutical approaches have resulted in addiction and overdose deaths (opioids), increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, potentially fatal gastrointestinal bleeding (NSAIDs) and neurological damage (gabapentin, Lyrica). These risks are present all while providing minimal pain relief and leaving the underlying problem unaddressed.Surgical solutions are often no better than a placebo (arthroscopic knee surgery) or leave the patient in worse shape (failed back surgery syndrome). Yet these treatments are promoted as the best treatments for chronic pain. 100 million Americans continue to suffer from mistreated chronic pain.Pain has many causes including musculoskeletal, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual, which can be better addressed by alternative medicine. Even when the causes of pain can’t be completely eliminated, there are safer, more natural ways to reduce pain than pharmaceuticals (cannabis, kratom, Omega-3s, low-level laser, Lymphatic Drainage etc.) Most physicians are either uninformed, fear the competition, have conflicts of interest, or are fearful of having their practices challenged and will not educate their patients about alternatives.Patients don’t know where to turn. They are confused by misinformation (e.g. that alternative pain treatments are unproven or harmful) or they lack the financial resources to pursue treatments that are not covered by their insurance.I am one of those practitioners that offers a successful treatment for pain management.Studies show that Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic is the only chiropractic technique to fix Low Back Pain in six visits. No other chiropractic technique can make that claim.I also practice Lymph-Biologics™.

What Do You Know About Lymph-Biologics™?

It’s a form of Lymphatic Drainage that isn’t lymphatic massage.It’s a three-part light wave that penetrates deep into the lymphatic system and causes a sympathetic response.A peristaltic movement, squeezing of lymph fluid and at the same time it cleaves toxins that are blocking the lymph fluid from draining properly contributing to swelling, inflammation and pain.I can remove tightness, heavy sensation, fullness, swelling, inflammation and pain to any area of the body I work on.There are several established and ongoing studies being done to show the efficacy of this technology. The 3-part lightwave and the oscillating frequency penetrate deeply into the tissue stimulating the ducts to open and flow freely ensuring gentle movement of the lymphatic fluid and draining of toxins and free radicals from the body. Moreover, for the past 20 years I have also included this exciting new form of treatment for patients with cancer and other chronic ailments. My practice includes working with numerous patients referred by the top alternative oncologists in Manhattan for this specific treatment.

Suffering from Pain?

If you, a loved one or a friend is suffering from pain and doesn’t know what to do. Have them contact me, I would be happy to speak to them. Please contact my office to schedule a consultation via email or phone.Click here to schedule your consultation.

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