Pollution is More Harmful Than You Think (And Here’s What You Can Do About It)

Pollution kills more people every year than war, disaster and hunger, a recent study says.Environmental pollution, such as from filthy air or contaminated water, is especially harmful. You may not live on a river next to a factory, where the toxic chemicals they dump into the river are directly affecting you and your loved ones, but other contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and preservatives come in contact with each one of us every day…The food we eat is slowly poisoning us. It’s gotten to the point where “trying” to eat clean just isn’t cutting it.It’s simply not enough to buy multigrain bread and organic produce every once in a while.You have do better when it comes to eating clean. If not for you, then for your children.Do you know that one snack size box of raisins contains all of the daily recommended sugar for a child? Hidden sugars are lurking in all the food we eat. Even the ones we think are healthy. Do you know that buying “fat-free” foods often contain more sugar than the regular product?I know healthy eating seems difficult to practice, especially when it seems like nothing can be done to truly safe. The best way to start eating clean is to take each meal one at a time, and be educated about what you’re buying. Read labels and understand what you’re reading.

Cage-Free vs. Organic

For example, “cage-free eggs” is a phrase so many companies love using now. However, “cage-free” simply means that the door to the hen house was left open. It doesn’t mean the chicken took a walk about. It means it might have.And, it doesn’t mean that the chickens were fed healthier corn meal. These “cage-free” eggs could still contain pesticides and antibiotics.Organic eggs are what you want to look for. That means that the farmers didn’t feed the chickens any chemicals or steroids.

Gluten Intolerance

It seems that gluten intolerance has become a worldwide phenomenon. But, the whole world didn’t become gluten intolerant overnight. Wheat has been genetically modified and sprayed with tons of chemicals.It’s not the wheat that most people are reacting to. It’s the chemicals.If you go to Europe, you can eat wheat products and not get sick. They don’t treat their grains with pesticides and preservatives like the United States does.Unfortunately, we can’t avoid pollution, but we can prevent its serious affects on our health. Understanding what you’re eating is half the battle.

Concerns About Your Toxicity?

If you have concerns about toxicity, please call my office to set up an appointment for an aging analysis cell test. This non-invasive test is done right in the office and you will get immediate results. It can help determine your toxicity and we can discuss a plan for what steps to take next.Click here to schedule your aging analysis cell test.

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