The Cause Of Your Worst Asthma Symptoms Could Be Hiding In Your Own Body

Posted on: April 11, 2017

The Cause Of Your Worst Asthma Symptoms Could Be Hiding In Your Own Body

Did you know that toxin buildup in a woman’s breasts can make asthma symptoms worse?

An Unlikely Correlation

It seems like an unlikely correlation, but it’s true — toxins stored in a woman’s breasts can prevent lymphatic fluid from draining from your bronchial tubes. Over time, the lymphatic fluid builds up in the bronchial tubes causing inflammation in your lungs, hindering breathing and making asthma symptoms worse.By removing this excess lymphatic fluid in the breasts and lungs, it relieves inflammation, eases asthma symptoms, makes breathing easier, and can reduce the need for a nebulizer.

Getting Back To The People She Loves

One of my asthmatic patients wanted to spend more time with her niece outside in the playground. Unfortunately, due to her severe asthma, this was not always possible. Her symptoms were so bad that she had to use a nebulizer 3-4 times per day.She came in for a Lymph-Biologics session — this specialized treatment shifts the stored lymphatic fluid out of the body instead of just pushing it around (like lymphatic massage does.) For this particular patient, she could not lie face down, like how I normally perform Lymph-Biologics treatments. Lying her face up to work on her lungs also incorporated working on her breast tissue, which stored a substantial amount of toxins.These toxins stored in her breasts caused stagnation and lymph drainage. This not only made her bronchial inflammation worse, but also cause inflammation in other parts of her body as well. This is why shifting the fluid and toxins out of her breasts AND lungs worked so well.In fact, when she came back for a follow-up treatment a week later, she told me that she didn’t have to use her nebulizer for 3 days after the first treatment. After the second treatment, she continued to see the benefits of Lymph Biologics, and was ecstatic that she could spend more time with her niece outside.If you have tried everything for your asthma symptoms without any relief, call me to schedule a free consultation. A Lymph Biologics treatment may help.