2 Reasons Why Your Doctor Has Tried Everything, Yet You’re Still Experiencing Pain, Swelling, and Inflammation

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I’ve Seen Every Doctor I Can Think Of And I Still Have Pain. Why Is This, And What’s The Solution?

If you have been seen by a traditional medical doctor, or your own personal physician and they can’t seem to find anything significant. They’ve done blood work, tested your urine, you might have even had some diagnostic tests done and everything seems to be normal… And yet you’re not feeling well, not yourself, and know something is wrong but you don’t know what to do or where to go, this is where alternative medicine shines.

The first reason is Toxicity. The fact that we live in a very toxic world is affecting our health and well-being every day. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, are full of chemicals and pesticides that we have a hard time getting away from. These toxins can build up in your system and cause all kinds of autoimmune problems and cancers. They may not show up in traditional medical testing – that’s why having a Toxicity Test done that looks at you on a cellular level is so important.

Actively seeking nutritional deficiencies or premature aging of your cells is not something that traditional medical practitioners focus on.

The second reason is Nutrition. Traditional MD practitioners are trained to treat the disease, not wellness, which is crucial when it comes to your overall health. You must seek out a professional who is qualified to speak with you about whole foods and supplementation that is not necessarily your average medical doctor.

The reason alternative practitioners such as myself are successful is that we’re willing to look outside the box for answers and solutions. Just because a test result comes back and may be “normal,” it may not be normal for your body.