1 Nov 2021 Gentle Chiropractic Care for Elderly Patients

We offer patients gentle chiropractic care that is gentle enough for elderly patients who may be incredibly sensitive to physical exertion or treatments of any kind. It is not uncommon for people to become more sensitive as they age. In fact, some of the patients who visit us complain of having sensitive skin.

They also suffer from bruising easily or quickly becoming sore due to any change in physical activity or after completing unfamiliar movements. Even in this situation, we are able to provide treatment while maintaining our patients’ level of comfort. We are gentle and thoughtful in how we treat patients.

Chiropractic care involves touch therapy

Since chiropractic care is going to require us to manipulate the spine, we need to use pressure and movements to do so. However, instead of using a great deal of machinery or tools, we perform these manipulations using touch therapy.

This is highly beneficial for patients who are sensitive because it allows us to feel how the body and muscles are responding to the treatment. It also allows us to easily modulate and control the level of pressure. As a result, we can be incredibly gentle.

This is a noninvasive treatment

New patients are also surprised to find that we do not need to use any needles or conduct any invasive procedures to treat them. Our treatment is entirely noninvasive which is beneficial for the patient’s health.

Here is why:

  • Patients are comfortable while they are here and receiving treatment
  • There is no need to take additional pain medication
  • There is no downtime after the treatment is over
  • Patients can immediately return to work or other important activities
  • Our treatment is perfectly safe and typically has no side effects

Try gentle chiropractic care before surgery

One of the most important messages we can get across to patients is the wisdom in trying chiropractic care before scheduling back surgery or an invasive procedure. These things are sometimes necessary but should only be a last resort. Since there is a great deal of risk with surgery, such as infection and excessive bleeding, it is never wise to undergo a surgical procedure unless it is absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, many patients have found that chiropractic care is effective enough to prevent the need for surgery. This pleases us greatly because we know that our patients are going to be better off if we can heal them using noninvasive means. So, if anyone has suggested that you receive back surgery, we encourage you to visit our office for help first. If chiropractic does not produce the desired results, then consider surgery, not before.

Who can benefit from gentle chiropractic care?

Anyone who is suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain should visit our office for help. Specifically, our gentle approach is beneficial for the following people:

  • Those with sensitive skin
  • Anyone who bruises easily
  • People in poor overall health
  • Elderly patients
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • People recovering from an accident or trauma

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