1 Nov 2021 Greater Levels Of Vitamin D Associated With Decreased Risk Of Breast Cancer

In a recent study, data showed that women with Vitamin D levels of 60 ng/mL or higher had an 80% lower breast cancer risk than women with vitamin D blood levels less than 20 ng/mL.

A combined data set from two randomized clinical trials with 3,000 participants and a prospective study with an additional 1,700 participants examined the association between serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels and female breast cancer risk.

The data was collected from 2012-2017 and participants were women ages 55 and older (average age, 65) who were cancer free on enrollment and followed for a mean of four years.

Of note: The National Academy of Medicine recommends vitamin D levels of at least 20 ng/mL solely to support bone health.

Contributed by Joel Totoro, RD

When To Speak With a Healthcare Professional

If you have lumps, bumps or pain in your breasts, this does not always indicate cancer. However, you should contact a healthcare professional to discuss your health and how to proceed.

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