1 Nov 2021 Learn About a Natural Herniated Disc Treatment

Many people think that a herniated disc treatment has to involve an invasive procedure or surgery. Given how painful a herniated disc can be, this is an understandable assumption. However, it is not true. In reality, there are multiple ways to treat a herniated disc, some of which are completely noninvasive. In fact, our procedure works wonders, helping to restore our patients’ comfort and mobility without ever needing to inject medication, take anything orally or undergo an invasive procedure. This is why so many patients prefer visiting us for treatment before undergoing more invasive treatment options as recommended by different physicians. In fact, we always recommend visiting us for a second opinion and treatment prior to undergoing something like surgery.

What causes a herniated disc?

Herniated discs are often caused by a traumatic accident such as a car wreck or a workplace injury. They can also be caused by age and general wear of the discs in between each vertebra. These discs serve as a cushion that prevents the vertebrae from touching each other so they are incredibly important. Whether the problem arises from an accident or age, herniated discs can be incredibly painful. After all, bone on bone is going to create a lot of discomfort and tension.

Our herniated disc treatment

We seek to relieve the pressure that is caused by vertebrae touching each other. One of the ways that we do so is by creating space in between the vertebrae using decompression therapy. Decompression is incredibly effective and can create results right away. Since this is an entirely noninvasive option that is easy for patients to try this prior to scheduling surgery. If it is effective enough, surgery will no longer be necessary, as is common with many of our patients.

Decompression is something that can be completed in under an hour so it is possible for patients to visit us before or after work or even on their lunch break. We understand how busy our patients are and work diligently to provide treatments in a way that is convenient and efficient. As a bonus, there is no recovery time afterward so patients do not need to plan on taking any time off of work or making adjustments to their normal schedule.

This is one of the reasons that many patients choose to try this treatment prior to anything else. Knowing that they can do so while maintaining their normal schedule makes it easy to try to evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment. Again, in many cases, no other treatment is necessary so it truly is a win-win.

In addition, we may need to complete a spinal adjustment to ensure that all the vertebrae are in alignment. It is easy for vertebrae to move out of the correct position from time to time, whether due to normal activities like sleeping wrong or getting into an accident. We ensure that everything is in alignment so that our patients no longer suffer from back and neck pain.

Physical therapy

Once the pain has been released and a patient’s spine is in alignment, we may also recommend scheduling some physical therapy appointments to learn how to strengthen the core to prevent back injuries. Very often, maintaining a strong core and correct posture can work wonders for reducing back pain and preventing it from recurring. Learning which exercises to try to how to complete them safely is important to physical therapy.

A natural approach

Ultimately, our herniated disc treatment is effective while also being entirely natural. This is important to us because we believe that the body has the ability to promote overall health and wellness. Sometimes, it just needs a little help, something that we can provide. To learn more about this treatment and how we can improve your back health and overall well-being, call our office and schedule an appointment today.

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