Do you suffer from fatigue? Chronic aches and pains?

Are you currently diagnosed with cancer? Or in remission from a previous diagnosis of cancer?

Are you experiencing post-surgical lymphedema?

Do you suffer from toxicity, environmental, heavy metals, food sensitivities?

With everything you are experiencing, your doctor is probably not giving you the answers and options you need to make an informed decision about your own health. She/he is not explaining why you are having pain, why your joints are swollen, or why you are experiencing unusual fatigue, weight gain, and fluid retention.

Did you know your lymphatic system is your other circulatory system?

Yes, your lymphatic system is THAT important! And along with that, it’s really important to keep it free and clear of any toxins.
It’s important to understand that we are exposed to toxins every day from air pollution, foods we eat, and the water we drink. These toxins enter our system and stay there and our lymph system becomes a stagnant parking lot instead of a free-flowing highway for healthy immune function. This stagnation and accumulation of toxic elements and free radicals, clinical research has shown can lead to cancers and other health risks.


I use a lymphatic draining method, Lymph-Biologics™ (which is different from a lymphatic massage). Lymph-Biologics™ uses a 3-part lightwave that has an oscillating frequency to penetrate deep into the lymphatic system that literally cleaves away the toxins that attach themselves to the lymphatic fluid (similar to removing plaque on teeth).

There are established and several ongoing studies being done to show the efficacy of this technology that I would like to share with you.

Lymph-Biologics™ is not lymphatic massage. Lymphatic massage requires treatment every day for 30 days and being wrapped in ace bandages like a mummy. It is true that massage will move fluid out of an area but that does not mean that the massage is affecting the lymphatic system directly.

The lymph system is delicate and it actually collapses under the pressure of the heavy massage. Also, the lymph ducts have to be opened in order for lymph fluid to flow through.

Massage cannot directly access these ducts or other regions to ensure the drainage of the lymph fluid. Lymph-Biologics™ can. The 3-part lightwave and the oscillating frequency penetrate deeply into the tissue stimulating the ducts to open and flow freely ensuring the gentle movement of the lymphatic fluid and draining of toxins and free radicals from the body.

For the past 20 years, I have also included this exciting new form of treatment for patients with cancer and other chronic ailments. My practice includes working with numerous patients referred by the top alternative oncologists in Manhattan for this specific treatment.