Lumpy, Bumpy Pains in your Breasts?

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What Are Lumpy Bumpy Tender Breasts And When Should I Speak To A Healthcare Professional?

If you’re experiencing pain, swelling, or even lymphedema, there are three main reasons that you may be experiencing these symptoms.

1. Toxins

We are exposed to toxins every day from air pollution, foods we eat and the water we drink. These toxins enter our system and stay there and our lymph system becomes a stagnant parking lot instead of a free-flowing highway for healthy immune function. This stagnation and accumulation of toxic elements and free radicals, clinical research has shown can lead to cancers and other health risks.

2. Stress 

When stress occurs during the day your Cortisol levels rise causing inflammation and an increase in Insulin production from the pancreas. While we need Insulin to survive, it is also a very inflammatory hormone. The combination of these hormones being produced in abnormal amounts causes inflammation both in your vessels and your cells. This inflammation causes fluid retention, swelling and pain.

3. Nutrition

There are a whole host of inflammatory foods, some worse than others. Eating a typical American diet of pizza, alcohol, processed carbs, processed foods, wheat, dairy, msg, fried products, and the oils and salad dressings that we eat can cause an inflammatory response from your lymphatic system, which can also affect the brain impeding clarity of thought.

The first step you can take to beat inflammation is cutting back on foods that promote inflammation, increasing the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables in your diet, making wild fish your main protein, and getting more Omega 3’s – these can make a big difference in your inflammatory symptoms. But to truly rid yourself of these frustrating pains, we specialize in a treatment called Lymph Biologics where we are able to detoxify the body and improve immune function in a short, pain-free series of sessions. Most people experience relief on the first visit, and we are the only clinic that offers Lymph Biologics treatment.

If you or someone you know or care about is suffering with pain, swelling and inflammation, the next step is to get a phone consult to discuss your health issues and whether or not Lymph Biologics is appropriate for you. Simply call the number above or fill out the form on this website and you have successfully taken the first step towards better health.