Acoustical Wave Therapy is now available!
Dr. Loretta is excited to share that Synergy Health Associates is now offering Acoustical Wave Therapy, a type of shockwave therapy that interrupts pain pathways of inflamed nerves while stimulating cells and the body’s intrinsic healing mechanism with acoustical waves.

This leads to the restoration of healthy functioning cells and brings new blood flow to the area to encourage natural healing. Dr. Loretta’s acoustical wave machine is the only FDA-approved machine in all of Manhattan and 5 Boroughs.

Acoustical Wave Therapy helps with immediate pain relief for a wide variety of symptoms, such as Acute and Chronic musculoskeletal issues as well as neuropathies of feet and hands. Furthermore, it can relieve pain due to Plantar Fascitis in as few as 5-7treatments. It generates stem cells so ligaments, tendons, discs cartilage, and connective tissue begins to heal naturally.

Patients seeking help for Erectile Dysfunction can also benefit from Acoustical Wave Therapy as it breaks up plaque in the penile artery to restore an erection.

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Prior to her current role, Dr. Friedman was a Cardiothoracic and Vascular operating room nurse at Weill-Cornell and Renal Transplant operating room nurse at UCSF Medical Center. Her clinical practice in traditional medicine with chronic illnesses was a major impetus in her transition to alternative forms of healing and wellness.

For more information, check out Dr. Friedman’s game-changing new book – Lymph-Link – Solving the Mysteries of Inflammation Toxicity and Breast Health Issues.

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