1 Nov 2021 News Alert: More Muscle Mass Linked To Higher Survival Rate in Breast Cancer Patients

A new study has discovered a link between muscle mass and cancer survival rate in female patients.

More muscle mass is linked to higher survival rate in female cancer patients, but there is some debate as to why this is…

My theory is that it has to do with the hormone estrogen.

Estrogen likes to hang out in fat, and too much estrogen can lead all kinds of health issues from PMS to increased irritability to acne and even cancer.

More muscle mass means less fat and less space for estrogen and cancer cells to build up.

Read the original study on JAMA Oncology.

Ladies, it’s no secret that losing weight and exercising are key to reducing your risk of cancer and staying healthy overall.

And, removing harmful toxins stored in fat tissue also decreases cancer risk. Call my office today for a Free 15-Minute Consultation.

Let’s stay healthy and reduce our risk of cancer.

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