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Tips on How to Achieve Wellness | New York Holistic Medicine

As humans, we have a need to try to ‘succeed in life,’ no matter what our concept of success is. To accomplish this purpose, we worry about specific aspects of our lives, prioritize our goals, and follow the path we believe will lead to our desired outcome. However, we don’t always remember that it’s just as important to pursue wellness. In this blog, we’ll talk about what this process is, its different types, and how to achieve them to improve your quality of life.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a process. People become aware of themselves and actively seek to practice healthy habits in their day-to-day lives to obtain better physical and mental health. It’s a conscious decision to thrive, not just survive. By making simple choices every day , you can reduce your stress, connect positively with people, and be on your way to using your full potential. This state of mind relates to our health, given that many different aspects of our lives influence our physical health.

Dimensions of Wellness

This process isn’t static. Wellness is a multidimensional concept that encompasses many areas of our life. In order for a person to reach their full potential, they must actively work on all of these dimensions:


When there’s satisfaction, enrichment, and growth in one’s work.


Finding a sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life.


When one’s at peace with their current and future financial situation.


Creating fruitful relationships and coping with life effectively.


Being able to recognize our need for sleep, eating healthy, and routine physical activity.

How to Achieve Wellness?

The most important is to recognize that this state of being can’t be achieved in one go. As it tends to be with any new thing we try, these changes should be taken one at a time . Attempting to change your lifestyle drastically can be counterintuitive, as it’s more likely you will feel frustrated and give up at some point. Start with small changes like choosing the stairs instead of the elevator when you can, opting for fresh fruit instead of a cupcake, or talking more often with your friends and loved ones.

Rather than thinking about it as many different steps, we should see this process as integrative wellness. All parts of it are equally essential to your life improvement. Feel proud of each victory, no matter how small it may seem at the moment. Avoiding caffeine after a certain hour and beginning to wake up at the same time every day might not seem like much, but it gets you a step closer to creating healthy habits for the better.

Having adequate nutrition is another huge determinant of our well-being. Healthy foods can boost our mood just as much as they help our bodies. And a final aspect to consider is to practice mindfulness as much as we can. The more we analyze our thoughts and become comfortable with ourselves and who we are, the more likely we’ll find a sense of peace.

NY Alternative Medicine | Synergy Health Associates

Achieving wellness is essential, and it depends on our will to work towards it. While it can be intimidating at first, and perhaps you might not be sure of how or where to start, you’ll be glad to embark on this journey. If you need guidance on this process, we at Synergy Health Associates can help! Our practice of experienced professionals takes part in alternative and holistic medicine to help you be the best version of yourself. Schedule an appointment online or call (212)-243-5515 today!

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