24 Feb 2022 What Is Toxicity And How Does It Affect Human Health? | Synergy Health Associates

Our bodies are constantly exposed to hazardous substances. Even if we don’t notice them, they are found in the environment, in our food, in makeup, and in other daily products we use. The effects of their toxicity on the human body are extremely dire and in many cases have resulted in numerous adverse effects. There is no shortage of causes and it is worth noting that the implications can vary. It is for this reason that there is a need to get acquainted with the meaning of toxicity and how your well-being can be affected.

What Does Toxicity Mean?

From a medical standpoint, toxicity refers to the level or degree to which a substance can cause harm to the body. In order to properly examine the implications of toxicity in the body, the two main types must be discussed:

Chronic Toxicity

In this case, the substance becomes harmful after an individual is constantly exposed over time.

It may result in a case where the harmful substance will continue to be detrimental to the patient’s health usually for the span of their lifetime. By carrying out a toxicity test, you can find out whether you’ve been exposed and to what extent. For a Toxicity Specialist in New York, call Synergy Health Associates at (212) 243 5515.

Subchronic Toxicity

The toxins here are known to have harmful effects in a short period of time. As for the duration, it may last for a little over a year. With the help of alternative medicine, all or most of the toxin can be gotten rid of, and you can go back to living a healthy, happy life.

Effects of toxins on the human body

Toxins can have adverse effects on body functions. The breakdown that occurs can be injurious to the patient and even their offspring. These implications include the following;

  • Genetic mutations
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Reproductive Impairment
  • Kidney Failure
  • Shorter lifespan

While these implications are indeed quite serious, there’s an upside, which is that the medical staff at Synergy Health Associates are experts at treating and eliminating toxins from the body.

Ways To Deal With Toxic Hazards

Given the nature of toxins and harmful substances, it is possible to not only treat but also curb the spread. This is why regular checkups are so important.

Regular Checkups

An awesome aspect of the access to alternative medicine is that you can always go in for regular checkups. This is an awesome benefit, especially for those who are prone to chemical exposure as a result of work or otherwise. An easy way to get this done is the toxicity test, which is an efficient way to determine the current state of toxins in your body.

Detoxification Is Possible | NY Alternative Medicine

The short and long-term effects of toxicity in the body are highly detrimental, and determining where you stand should be a matter of urgency. The lymphatic system needs to be cleaned in order to fight toxicity. To do so and maintain prime health, contact Synergy Health Associates at 212 243 5515. Located in New York, their qualified staff can give you professional help towards your detoxification process. They can tell you ways to manage and avoid toxicity in a natural way, guiding you through which diet is best for you and what vitamins you should take in order to balance your toxic levels. Book an appointment here now!

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